Germany to start month-long partial lockdown on November 2nd

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Germany’s state premiers have announced a new ‚light’ lockdown that is to start on Monday November 2nd.

The restrictions come amid a dramatic rise in Covid-19 cases throughout Europe. Yesterday France went even further, announcing a return to full lockdown would happen on Saturday.

According to Deutsche Welle’s English news service, the lockdown rules are as follows:

What is restricted or banned

  • Restaurants and bars must close, but take-away is permitted
  • Large public events are to be canceled
  • Unnecessary travel is strongly discouraged
  • Overnight stays in hotels for leisure purposes is banned
  • Those who can work from home should do so
  • Meetings in public will be restricted to just two households of up to 10 people
  • Theaters, cinemas and other entertainment venues must close
  • Public recreation centers such as swimming pools, gyms and saunas must also close
  • No crowds are permitted at sports events

What is allowed

  • Schools and kindergartens will remain open
  • Church services and protests will be allowed to continue due to constitutional concerns
  • Nursing home residents will be allowed to receive visitors
  • Shops will remain open, with one customer allowed per 10 square meters (108 square feet)
  • Borders will remain open

Crucially, as you can see in the list above, borders shall remain open. However, regional restrictions also apply due to Germany’s federal system. A case in point are the weekly Covid-19 tests required by the authorities in Bavaria, which we reported on Monday.