Girteka says its use of AI prevents drivers from getting lost

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Girteka has revealed how it is using AI technology to efficiently manage its fleet and keep its lorry drivers in check when it comes to route planning.

Girteka says its use of AI prevents drivers from getting lost
Photo: Girteka Press Materials

In a recent press release on its website, the Lithuanian road transport giant said that the AI tech it is using cuts down on errors.

According to Girteka, it is collecting data from its fleet of over 9,000 trucks. This information, along with data concerning factors like road standards, safe and secure parking places, and petrol stations, are inputted into the company’s AI Operator.

The tool then defines the best possible route for cargo delivery, “including requirements from customers and needed setups”.

Moreover, thanks to the company’s use of Transics hardware, “all information about where to go, which way, and where to rest or refuel is delivered to the driver,” says Girteka.

“That information secures the driver from getting lost and provides him with all needed information previously defined and agreed upon during communication between the driver and the transport manager,” reads Girteka’s press release.

The company says that when using its interactive map, its transport managers still need to find a proper place for resting, a safe parking space and to secure all payments on the road, including petrol stations, tolls, ferries etc.

Therefore, the Lithuanian logistics company stresses that not only experience and knowledge, but also information, is crucial when it comes to delivering on its customers’ promises.

“The goal of any AI solution is clear – simplify, reduce mistakes, fasten results, increase the efficiency of the process itself, and learn from it. The clue is whether the process that people normally control can be defined as an algorithm with the possibility to develop itself based on gathered data. In Girteka, with support from external companies like Nexogen, we can build those processes and simulate them,” explains Dainius Augutis, Head of Transport Function Support Division at Girteka.

Girteka’s press release adds that the “risk of mistakes is high, as sometimes we are missing data, and some of the information might be outdated, which can cause errors in the first phase of planning.”

“With the help of this solution the driver, following clear instructions and guidelines, can focus on delivering cargo safely and on time,” concludes Girteka.

Augutis also adds:

“With more than 880,000 FTLs per year, it is sometimes impossible to plan that manually. But thanks to the AI Operator, we are not only planning transportation but also optimising it in terms of the estimated arrival time, route, length, or emissions. That is a huge advantage in terms of quick and flawless planning and customer response time. What can be added is that our drivers are now getting an easier way to access all the needed information to deliver cargo.”

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