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Hamburg announces a ban on vehicles with diesel engines which cause poor air quality. Their introduction was declared this week by the local Office for Environmental Protection.

On 31 May, traffic restrictions will be valid on two sections of the road in the Altona-Nord district: on the 580-meter stretch Max-Brauer-Allee and 1600 meters on the Stresemannstraße (the ban only applies to trucks). Trucks and passenger vehicles that comply with the emission standards from Euro 1 to Euro 5 will not be able to enter. The ban does not only apply to Euro 6 trucks and passenger cars.

According to the German media, the ban comes into force with a considerable delay. Appropriate marking of roads subject to the ban was installed last week.

Eco-friendly zones in Germany

Hamburg is not the first German city where a ban on diesel vehicles is in force. From January 15 this year Regensburg also put in place the eco-zone. Only vehicles with the appropriate badge or special permission may enter the city center.

Bavarian cities such as Munich, Augsburg or Neu-Ulm also do not allow the entry of vehicles without the appropriate badge or special permit.

From January 1 this year. Limburg also became an ecological zone – the sixth in Hesse. Earlier, bans were introduced by Darmstadt, Frankfurt am Main, Marburg, and Offenbach. Wiesbaden has a common zone with Mainz.

Photo: Wikimedia / Frank M. Rauch CCA-SA 3.0

Bans for trucks


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