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Road police operating in the East Poland arguably made the understatement of the year yesterday, describing a driver’s decision to wrap some belts around a burst tyre instead of having it replaced as a “bad idea”.

The truck was spotted on Wednesday April 28th in Tchórzewo, on the national road no. 19. The lorry was transporting 20 tons of cargo from Turkey to Russia.

As confirmed in an official police statement, the driver of the Romanian-registered truck, instead of replacing the damaged tyre and wheel, decided to try to ‚fix’ the fault with belts and continue driving. The trailer was was immediately taken off the road by the Road Transport Inspectors in Lublin.


The police described the driver’s quick fix as a “bad idea,” stating that all the load on the suspension and braking system was on only five wheels. The vehicle’s stability was also severely affected.

The inspectors ordered that the problem be properly fixed before the truck could hit the road again. Legal proceedings have also been initiated against the carrier, who is threatened with a fine of 2,000zł (around 439 euros).



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