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The British Department for Transport has launched a database about the services on the motorways that are still open to lorry drivers during the lockdown.

As Transport Secretary Grant Schapps announced, to make lorry drivers’ life easier, the government developed a website to help plan journey breaks.

The number of cars on British roads has dropped down to levels last seen in 1955 amid the Covid-19 restrictions on movement, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said when speaking on Sky News. This huge drop in traffic made some cafes and restaurants in motorway services rethink their operation. According to the data provided by the Motor Transport magazine, motorway service area provider Moto has closed 70% of its M&S stores within its network due to the lack of demand caused. 

As fast-food chains had to close their restaurants on 22nd March in the Uk, with the closure of M&S stores, getting hot food is more difficult for lorry drivers. Moto said that they had worked hard to try and keep the M&S stores open for essential workers, but that at particular stores, some days staff had thrown out more than they sold.

Publishing a list of the services that remain open and offer facilities for lorry drivers, is, therefore, a great help. The British Road Hauliers Association welcomed the launch of the site.

This is helpful to lorry drivers who, when lockdown began, suffered from very silly decisions to shut down toilets and showers, so we welcome this.” – RHA policy director, Duncan Buchanan, said – “However we need the government to ensure the progression  of  the provision of more and better facilities for our lorry drivers and for councils to approve planning permission for lorry parking facilities which have been rejected in the past for no other reason than nimbyism.”

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