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The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) in Great Britain has announced how they will continue issuing certificates of temporary exemption (CTEs) to vehicles and trailers due for a test.

DVSA’s longer-term plans to help manage testing demand are the following:

  1. Exemptions will be in use until March 2021
  2. 3-month exemptions will continue for all vehicles and trailers that have not already received one
  3. 12-month exemptions will be introduced for certain operators, vehicles and trailers

Issuing further exemptions

Vehicles and trailers due for test up to March 2021 will get a 3-month exemption if they have not already received one, explains the Agency. However, certain vehicles and trailers due for tests up to March 2021 will get longer exemptions.

Fleets which are considered to be safer will get 12-month exemptions. Newer vehicles and trailers, Earned Recognition operators and those demonstrating a higher level of compliance generally have the lowest test failure rates.

12-month exemption:

-Earned Recognition operator (whole fleet)


-An operator in green OCRS roadworthiness band with 50 or more roadworthiness events and a calculated roadworthiness base score of 1.3 or lower on 27 July 2020


-Vehicle or trailer up to 2 years old

3-month exemption:

Not previously had an exemption and not eligible for a 12-month exemption (see above) 

All exemptions will be applied automatically

3-month exemptions will apply from the original test date. For example, a vehicle with a test originally due in September 2020 will be moved to December 2020.

12-month exemptions will also apply from the original test date. For example, a vehicle with a test originally due in March 2020 which got an exemption to September 2020 will be moved to March 2021.

Operators of dangerous goods vehicles who are getting an exemption for the first time should complete the application for an ADR annual inspection waiver to keep their inspection date in line with the new test date.

Further information will be provided directly to dangerous goods operators.

DSVA begins to apply 3-month exemptions immediately.

12-month exemptions will be processed from 24 August 2020 and we will start with vehicles and trailers which are due for tests in August 2020 (those with 3-month exemptions issued in May 2020).

Photo: TruckPR/ Flickr


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