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As of 1 February, the toll rate in the Russian toll system has increased from 2.04 to 2.20 roubles per kilometre. The new rates apply to all vehicles, including foreign ones.

The tariff indexation takes place in Russia in January each year. The authorities take into account annual inflation of around 4% and increase the rates accordingly for the next 12 months. This means that the rates in Platon will amount to 2.35 rubles in a year.

Here are the fines for driving without paying toll, whether or not there is an on-board unit in the cabin, for the driver of a vehicle with foreign registration numbers:

– 5,000 roubles in case of the first offence,

– 10,000 roubles in case of a subsequent offence.

According to the data of the toll system operator, so far the system has transferred 94 billion roubles to the road construction and repair fund. The funds were spent on the improvement of 2,700 kilometres of the most damaged roads in 40 cities and 30 bridges in 19 regions of the Russian Federation.



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