Huge changes at Waberer’s: halting trucks, renegotiating wages and appointing a new CEO

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Huge changes at Waberer’s: halting trucks, renegotiating wages and appointing a new CEO

The Hungarian haulier giant Waberer’s has announced some significant changes in the company: CEO Robert Ziegler is leaving the company and some crisis measures are being taken. The special steps involve suspending the operation of a significant number of trucks; wage re-negotiations and unpaid leaves.

Due to the severe consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, Waberer’s has decided to introduce special measures in order to preserve the short-term financial stability of the Company.

  • These measures include the halting of a significant portion of the trucks in Waberer’s international fleet with immediate effect.
  • A repatriation plan of the assets and the drivers outside the country has been adopted and its execution has started.
  • Most discretionary spending has also been suspended.
  • The company is also rationalising its workforce to match the decline in demand. A combination of HR measures introduced involve a hiring freeze, wage renegotiation and an unpaid leave programme.

 The labour unions in the Company were involved in designing these measures.

New year, new CEO

At the same time, Waberer’s has announced a change in the CEO position of the company. Barna Erdélyi, so far the Chief Financial Officer has been appointed as interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) from 23 March 2020. Robert Ziegler, who has led the turnaround of the group since early 2019, is leaving as CEO and also resigning from the Board of Directors. Barna Erdélyi has been the CFO of the Company since 2014 and member of the Board of Directors since 2017.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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