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Six immigrants will work at the Bentvelzen Transport company based in the Dutch city of Alphen aan den Rijn.

At the job fair organized by the local labor office in Alphen aan den Rijn, Bentvelzen Transport found seven new employees. Six of them are refugees from Syria, Eritrea and Iran. Everyone wants to work as a truck driver, and four have even experience in the industry. The office of work together with the company is preparing a training program for future truckers.

The training plan, besides preparing for the profession, also includes language classes. Although immigrants have already mastered Dutch at the communicative level, a course covering technical and industry vocabulary is necessary, according to the Dutch portal

If everything goes as planned, the refugees will start working next year.

Bentvelzen Transport is the second company from the Netherlands that sees immigrants as a solution for the lack of truck drivers. The refugees also train on truckers Müller Logistics based in Holten.

Immigrants are a hope of the German transport

The German transport industry also recognized that it was worth using refugees to fill the staff gaps. In the spring of this year, the program „Driving in Your New Future” was launched, which created an association of carriers from Schleswig-Holstein together with the German Red Cross and SVG Nord driving school. The initiative was addressed to asylum seekers from the Middle East. According to its creators, the idea enjoyed considerable popularity. The program was joined by 25 forwarders from the region, and in just a few days, 90 refugees residing in the land came forward. Another 50 were entered on the reserve list.

A similar idea to fight the lack of drivers had the Road Traffic Institute in Chemnitz, which together with regional employment agencies created a training program for immigrants. Thanks to him in August this year 8 refugees took the job at the wheel of the truck.



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