Girteka says it is cutting CO2 and energy costs by using Chereau’s insulated trailers

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A partnership between Girteka and Chereau will see the two companies share expertise and implement the latest advanced solutions for trailers, thus allowing them to work on reducing their carbon footprint together.

Girteka says it is cutting CO2 and energy costs by using Chereau’s insulated trailers
Photo: Girteka press materials

Girteka says it is seeking to implement Chereau’s new trailers equipped with VIP technology (Vacuum Insulated Panel), which allows gains of about 20% in terms of insulation and cooling-unit fuel consumption for long-distance transport.

According to  Girteka, it also increases the range of refrigerated trailers with battery-powered electric units.

“Tests conducted in France by Cemafroid and Chereau show that, in long-distance transport, the refrigeration unit consumption is proportional to the insulation level, allowing significant gains with high-insulating performance vehicles. The tested semi-trailer equipped with a longitudinal and vertical ATD-C rail system obtained a record K coefficient of 0.27 instead of 0.37 with the classic Chereau range,” writes Girteka.

Girteka’s press release states that Chereau Performance range has also the capacity to better maintain the temperature in case of a problem in the cooling unit, for example, in case of fuel failure which is the first cause of temperature disputes. It is said that the tested Performance semi-trailer will need 12 hours to go from 0˚ to 5˚ versus 4 hours for the traditional semi-trailer.

“The Chereau aerodynamic kit reduces the energy consumption of the tractor and is composed of two elements: AeroTop, which is a 50 mm high roof spoiler that reduces aerodynamic drag and saves up to 0,3L/100 km; and AeroFlap, which is integrated into the rear door template and deployed automatically by opening or closing the doors. For diesel engines, at 80 km/h, the combination of the two technologies offer a 1.1l/100 km fuel saving. The Chereau-developed aerodynamic devices are made of aluminium and operate autonomously,” says Girteka.

Among the vehicles produced for Girteka, some will be equipped with aerodynamics and VIP technologies in order to compare fuel consumption and performance with traditional trailers. By utilizing such digital solutions as real-time visibility (RTV) and monitoring of its fleet performance, Girteka says it will be able to collect relevant data and quickly evaluate all the benefits of investing in aero and VIP insulation.

As for Chereau, it believes that the first solutions to arrive on the market will be battery-electric refrigerated semi-trailers equipped with an e-axle and eventually solar panels.

“We are very proud of this partnership that shows that high-value semi-trailers are also a good choice for major fleets seeking a good TCO, top performances, and more environment friendliness,” says Xavier Wilkie, Chereau Commercial Director.

Chereau and Girteka both state that they see this four year partnership as an opportunity for a lot of experience sharing, which will validate the configuration of tomorrow’s vehicles with respect to the environment.

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