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The police officers on duty in Poland received an unusual call. „The woman on the phone informed us that her husband, who is a professional driver, called her and managed to tell her that he probably had had a heart attack. Unfortunately, the connection was interrupted,” states the police. It soon became clear that international assistance would be needed.

No one knew exactly where the truck driver was. The police contacted his employer to find out. They received his GPS location and registration number. It turned out that the trucker in need was in Luxembourg. Therefore, it was necessary to contact the local services, through the Bureau of International Police Cooperation of the Police Headquarters.

Fortunately, the help came on time. The driver was taken to the hospital and underwent a necessary procedure. His life is no longer in danger.

One thing is certain, this action will remain in the officers’ memory for a long time — states the Police.

Photo: GilPe/ Wikimedia Commons


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