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Italian parliament approves e-CMR implementation

The Italian Chamber of Deputies has definitively approved the introduction of the electronic Consignment Note (e-CMR) for international road freight transport. The bill, previously passed by the Senate, ratifies Italy's accession to the Additional Protocol to the CMR Convention.

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The e-CMR represents a step towards the modernisation of the road transport sector. It mirrors the paper CMR document, but offers benefits by streamlining control procedures and increasing efficiency throughout the logistics chain. This aligns with the objectives of Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The Chamber document explains that the e-CMR will be issued electronically by the carrier, the sender, or any other party involved in the transport contract.

 This electronic record will contain all necessary information and can be accessed via mobile devices by drivers. 

The e-CMR allows for recording key details like departure/arrival times and locations, adding notes on cargo status, and attaching photos or other documentation. Additionally, signatures for the collection and delivery of goods will be digitalised.