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On 26th April Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte presented the contents of the Council of Ministers’ decree on the second stage of unfreezing of the Italian economy that will enter into force on 4th May. The decree also includes requirements for transport companies. The provisions of the Council of Ministers’ decree are valid until 17 May inclusive.

For carriers and the drivers they employ, the most important thing is that the obligation to carry a declaration by the drivers and to report the drivers to the health service was maintained until 17 May inclusive.

Please note that the violation of the new restrictions will result in a fine of €650. This legal status will apply until 3 May 2020.

The decree also presents guidelines for transport and logistics for the prevention of Covid-19 infection. They basically mirror existing safety principles:

  1. Drivers should be equipped with a mask and gloves. If possible, drivers should remain in their vehicles if they are not wearing gloves and masks.
  2. The vehicle can access the loading/unloading area, even if the driver does not have personal protective equipment, as long as he does not get out of the vehicle. If the driver is required to get out of the vehicle, a distance of 1 metre from other persons must be kept.
  3. At loading/unloading areas, care must be taken to ensure that the necessary steps during loading/unloading of goods and receipt/delivery of documents are carried out without direct contact between the driver and staff. If this is not possible, a distance of 1 metre must be kept.

4. Companies shall not allow outsiders to enter occupied premises, except to use separate toilets, which shall be kept in good condition and provided with hand disinfectants.



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