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Italian HGV inspectors start remotely checking tachographs

Italy is the eighth country in Europe whose authorities are introducing remote tachograph reading. So far, only the Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy has started using the device.

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As the first in Italy, the local police of Piacenza are using the DSRC RTM VISUAL system, which allows the remote identification of suspected anomalies in the new generation of tachographs. The software looks for anomalies in driving and resting times, as well as tampering with the tachograph, during further checks. It also analyses 19 parameters that can be read remotely by EU legislation

The device is meant to optimise the work of the traffic inspectors as the officers only stop vehicles in which the system has detected irregularities.

Once the vehicle is stopped, the driver’s data is further analysed for irregularities in driving and resting times or manipulation of the tachograph itself. This is done using special software called Tachopolice, which the Piacenza traffic police received together with the remote control equipment. The software is capable not only of carrying out a detailed analysis of the data from the digital or analogue tachograph but also of detecting any manipulation that may have taken place during the installation or inspection phase.

The traffic police have already used the new equipment this week at the Piacenza Sud motorway exit. During the operation, 22 offences were detected in 10 vehicles. The irregularities detected included exceeding driving times, failure to comply with daily and weekly rest periods and tampering with or malfunctioning of tachographs.

Italy is the eighth European country to equip its HGV inspecting officials with a DSRC device, following Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Great Britain and France.

Photo credits @ Facebook/ TachoPolice