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Hitachi is planning to offer a shared transport service in Thailand next month. For this purpose, it will use its many years of experience in data analysis and artificial intelligence.

According to the Japanese electronics giant, “truck-sharing” is aimed at optimizing truck and container traffic management and enabling local manufacturers and distributors to reduce shipping costs and delivery times, reports news agency Kyodo.

Registered forwarders will place orders at the Lumada Center Southeast Asia – Hitachi Data Center. Logistics companies, on the other hand, are to update their fleet information in order to be able to execute orders as quickly as possible, adjusting the time of transport and delivery of goods accordingly.

Successful system tests

In the first quarter of this year, Hitachi conducted system tests in cooperation with Japanese diaper and sanitary products manufacturer Unicharm Corp, reports Kyodo. Thanks to truck-sharing, the percentage of containers also used on the way back from the place of delivery doubled to 30%.

Photo: Trans.INFO


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