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The Freight Signal Priority Trial is a new idea currently being implemented by the Australian authorities. The system was introduced in Sydney. It connects trucks with traffic signals to extend green light timing. The solution will not only reduce traffic jams in the city but also facilitate the driving.

The idea was implemented thanks to the government’s cooperation with the Australian technology company Codha Wireless. The company uses the Cooperative Intelligent Transport System technology, which allows the car to „communicate” with the road infrastructure. The system covers about 100 traffic lights located at the most crowded intersections in Sydney, and about 110 trucks will be equipped with a special wireless transmitter.

We need to be able to use the technology to make the most of our roads” – explains Melinda Pavey, the Australian Minister of Transport of New South Wales.

The system was introduced for a three-month trial period.

Vehicle notifies the traffic signal

The operation of the entire system is very simple. When the truck approaches the intersection, the transmitter sends a signal which is detected by the traffic signals. Green light timing is extended to allow the vehicle to cross the intersection.  It is worth noting that during the test period of the system, trucks have the priority on the main intersections.

Heavy vehicles need a lot more time to stop at a red light and then re-enter the traffic. This can cause delays for all road users” – Pavey explains.

Fewer traffic jams, more savings

The system was introduced to reduce congestion on the most important communication routes leading through the periphery or the very center of Sydney. In addition, the authorities say that it will increase the safety of drivers and reduce emissions.

It is estimated that about 270 thousand trucks travel through Sydney every day. The traffic jams they cause cost the country nearly 5 billion dollars a year. According to the government’s announcement, if the trial period brings the expected results, the system will also cover privileged vehicles and buses.

Photo: Youtube/Transport For NSW


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