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In yesterday’s public speech, Emmanuel Macron has once again buckled under the pressure of the protesters. This time, the French president presented a number of measures that the government plans to implement from next year. What is important for carriers, the authorities are preparing an increase in the minimum wage.

Commentators around the world underline that the current crisis is the biggest test of Macron’s presidency. More and more people demand the resignation of the president who promised further measures of appeasement. After morning meetings with government representatives and trade unionists, the president spoke to the French for the second time hoping that the „yellow vests” will end the protest. According to the minister of economy, the state has lost 0.1 percent of GDP (around 2 billion euros) since the mid-November.

In his speech, Macron admitted that the government did not show understanding towards the citizens and did not react early enough to the crisis, which was fueled by the announcement of raising the tax on fuel. He also stated that France is in a state of social and economic crisis.

The increase in the minimum wage

In addition to cancelling the increase in diesel taxes promised by the Prime Minister, the president has announced raising the minimum wage in 2019 by 100 euros per month without additional costs to employers.

The president did not specify whether it is a net or gross amount and how exactly the minimum wage would be calculated after the increase. It is also not known whether this amount includes a 1.8 percent increase in the minimum wage (about 20 euros), which has been planned for January 1, 2019.

At present, the minimum wage in France is 1 184.93 euros net monthly (approx. 1498.47 euros gross).

What else did Macron promise?

According to the president’s words, workers also won’t be taxed on overtime pay or on their year-end bonuses. Macron also encouraged employers to grant bonuses as a way to solve the social crisis in France.

A surprise for some was the president’s statement regarding immigration policy. Macron said his government would take measures to control immigration.

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