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The Spanish General Directorate of Road Traffic (DGT) has announced a roadside inspection action. The authority uses special equipment to monitor drivers.

216 cameras will be used in the coming days to monitor Spanish roads. These devices are to catch drivers who use the phone while driving or have not fastened their seat belts. Also, DGT announced air patrols. In total, 12 helicopters and 22 drones (20 Phantoms 4 and 2 Matrice 200) are watching the roads – as Spanish daily La Vanguardia reports.

The intensified inspections are to happen from 17 to 23 April. DGT hopes that thanks to these controls, it will be possible to reduce the number of accidents by about a third.

The first cameras on Spanish roads appeared in 2017. At that time, an information campaign began, and drivers caught without belts received only a warning. From June 2017, a fine of 200 euros can be imposed on drivers with unsecured belts.



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