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A group of MEPs sent a letter last Friday to the Commissioner for Transport to speed up the proceedings against Germany, France and Austria regarding the rules for applying the minimum wage to drivers – reports the office of MEP Danuta Jazłowiecka.

We are concerned about the situation of the European transport sector. The European carriers have been operating in legal chaos for several years, due to national regulations functioning in some EU countries – we read in a document sent to Violeta Bulc, the EU Transport Commissioner.

MiLoG and Loi Macron are the two legal regulations, for which proceedings have been pending before the European Commission for several years. According to the applicants, the provisions introduced by the Germans and the French most probably violate EU law.

Unfortunately, these proceedings are still ongoing, and for over three years the European Commission has not responded to the question whether and to what extent EU law has been broken, leaving European carriers in legal uncertainty – MEPs note.

The proceedings against Germany (MiLoG) have been going on since May 2015. Against France (Loi Macron) – from June 2016, against Austria (Lohn und Sozialdumping-Bekämpfungsgesetz – LSD-BG) – from April 2017.

Transport companies cannot function like this anymore

In the letter, MEPs note that they have already contacted the Slovenian Commissioner several times „with a request to take urgent action to restore the legal order in the transport sector”. Violeta Bulc in March 2017 explained that no decisions can be made right now, as work on social rights regarding this sector is underway.

Unfortunately, after the recent vote in the European Parliament, it became clear that transport would still wait for solutions. All three reports that make up the Mobility Package have been sent back to the Transport Committee. Therefore, MEPs are appealing to „take appropriate steps and speed up procedures against Germany, France and Austria regarding the violation of EU law”.

European transport companies can no longer function in the current uncertain situation, and it is the European Commission’s responsibility to ensure legal clarity on the Common Market – reads the letter.

The document was signed by 38 MEPs from various political groups and countries.



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