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In this February, a new device was implemented in Hamburg with the aim of increasing road safety. Four mobile speedcams installed on trailers issued tickets to over 37,000 drivers.

In February this year, the Hamburg police started using two mobile speedcams, and since the beginning of May and the middle of July, the city’s roads are being guarded by two more devices. In total, from February to August this year, four mobile speedcams caught more than 37,000 speeding drivers, resulting in fines totalling almost €700,000.


The city authorities, due to the satisfactory results of the equipment operation, invested in two more speedcams. They will soon be on the roads of Hamburg. 

Mobility as the greatest advantage of the devices

The effectiveness of the speedcams is primarily due to their mobility. Thanks to their frequent movement, drivers do not know where or when they can be caught. What is important is that the devices can monitor traffic on several lanes in both directions, reads the daily Hamburger Abendblatt. Officers only have to put the speedcams on the roadside, and then the devices automatically detect vehicles moving too fast.

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