More leaked photos show new DAF truck in action

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More leaked photos show new DAF truck in action

The largest cab allowed in Europe and a new mirror placements – these are some of the few details we know about the new DAF model, which is to be unveiled in 3 weeks. However, some more pictures of the long-awaited truck have been leaked, revealing a little more information!

As is well documented, DAF Trucks is preparing for the introduction of its new truck range; the release date for this has been set for the 9th of June. In the meantime, the camouflage look of the latest DAFs has been exchanged for a more technical-looking design.

The new livery actually provides a glimpse into the technology of the new DAF, but the busy design still makes it difficult to see what the biggest innovations will be.

However, a new video has been added to the website where you can register for the live presentation of the truck, from which you can learn a little more.

As you can see, the new lorry will have classic mirrors. However, the main mirror is further away from the wide-angle mirror. Also, both are mounted slightly further away from the door frame, and the support is now placed outwards. All of this, together with the new lowered line of the windows, promises much better visibility in intersections.

As the copy on the teaser’s website says:

DAF is taking safety to a next level. As an example: direct vision will be unprecedented.”

As the video shows, there is going to be a new grid on the lorry with a hexagonal pattern and chrome slats. Chrome elements will also decorate the headlights and the side panels. The teaser also confirms the launch colour of the new DAF XF: it is going to be gold.

Earlier this month, DAF has confirmed that the new vehicle will have the largest cabin possible in Europe. The company aims to become the first European producer to take advantage of the new EU regulations on truck dimensions.

According to unofficial information, the new cab of the DAF XF will be up to 35 cm longer. The standard cabin will be about 15 cm longer, but there will also be an extended bedroom version with another 20 cm. Both cabin variants will have versions with standard and high ceilings.

If you want to stay informed about the introduction of the DAF range, you can register at .

Photo credit @ Facebook/Daf Fan

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