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According to the Association of Hungarian Road Carriers MKFE,   a 93-kilometre-long queue of trucks is trying to enter Hungary at Rajka, the Hungarian-Slovak border crossing. The reason for the congestion is that Hungary strictly restricted entry to its territory 2 days ago, and therefore, only 1 border crossing at the Slovakian border and 1 border crossing at the Austrian border has been open to international freight traffic. Health checks are also carried out at the border crossings.

Even the highway traffic around Bratislava is already blocked by lorries, added HVG, an economic news portal in Hungary.

Currently, freight traffic from Western Europe can only enter Hungary at 3 border crossings: Rajka (Slovakia), Hegyeshalom (Austria) and Letenye (Croatia). Foreign lorries arriving here must follow a designated transit route.

At 14:30 Tuesday afternoon, the Hungarian police opened two more border crossings with Austria for the international freight traffic: Sopron and Rabafuzes.

Freight corridors in Hungary

Freight corridors have been designated for trucks passing through Hungary to neighbouring countries, said the state secretary for information and representation of Hungary at a meeting of the parliament’s welfare committee on Tuesday.

This means that once a truck enters the country, it can only travel on a designated route and refuel at a designated gas station, and then leave the territory of Hungary for Serbia, Ukraine and Romania at the designated border point, said Tamás Menczer.

Photo: Hungarian News Agency/ Krizsán Csaba


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