Netherlands to relax covid test requirements for lorry drivers coming from the UK

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Lorry drivers who spend less than 48 hours in the UK are to be allowed to enter the Netherlands without presenting a negative coronavirus test.

Since mid-January, truck drivers traveling by ferry from the UK to the Netherlands have had to show a negative coronavirus test at the border. The same has been true in France for some time. However, since the last week of February, truckers who spend under 48 hours in the UK have been allowed to enter France without presenting a negative test result first.

According to reports in the Netherlands, this has resulted in Dutch transportation companies simply travelling to the UK via France instead. As a consequence of this, and the fact the government believe the risk of lorry drivers being exposed to coronavirus is low, the testing requirements are to be relaxed.

As UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps explains, the change will enter into force next Tuesday:

Photo credit: bert knottenbeld / Flickr