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A German car manufacturer, in cooperation with a filter supplier, is testing the new solution. Volkswagen checks the performance and efficiency of brake pad filters in the popular Golf GTD model.

It is not only the exhaust system in vehicles that emits particles posing a risk to health. Also during braking, wear on tyres, road surfaces and brake pads generates harmful dust and particles. That is why the German filter manufacturer Mann + Hummel has set itself the goal of eliminating even 80% of these substances, informs the German magazine “AutoBild”. 

Mann + Hummel

The solution developed by the company is currently being tested in Volkswagen Golf GTD. The new filters are resistant to high temperatures and are also suitable for older vehicles.

It is, therefore, possible that thanks to them, older vehicles will meet stricter emission standards. The product is expected to enter the market in 2021. There is no information on the prices of the new system yet.

How does the filter work?

The innovative “dust eater” is located in the test Golf below the brake calliper. If the driver brakes hard, the brake pads are pressed against the surface of the brake disc, creating dust and particles. In the test vehicle, they are introduced into the filter and deposited on the filter fabric. Thanks to this, the system can cope without mechanical parts. According to the manufacturer, these filters should be changed when the brake pads are replaced.

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