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Since the beginning of the month, new lower rates have been in force on RoLa, i.e. the rolling highway. The minimum toll rate for the Brenner route now amounts to EUR 82 according to ÖBB Rail Cargo Group. The new rates are part of the incentive system for transferring more trucks to the Tirol railway.

The new price structure means that the base rate is now 9 euros lower for trucks under 40.5 tonnes.

There is also an additional discount for carriers and freight forwarders who regularly use RoLa connections on the Brenner route. The discount for the round trip is offered for a minimum of eight round trips per calendar month. The more often RoLa is used, the higher the discount. According to ÖBB, with this rates reduction, RoLa takes a big step towards getting closer to the price level of road transport, allowing carriers to save on costs (on freeway tolls, fuel and less wear and tear on car, its components and semi-trailer).

RoLa (an acronym for “Rollende Landstrasse,”, which translates as rolling highway) is a combination of road and rail transport. In the RoLa system, complete sets of trucks (tractor with semi-trailer or truck with trailer) are transported by train on low-loader wagons. During such a journey, truck drivers can rest in special wagons. Such a solution makes it easier to keep to the legal driving times and enables the transport to continue during the applicable traffic bans and avoid traffic jams.

Photo credit @ Rail Cargo Group


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