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Three new unmarked semi-trailer trucks will be patrolling the British highways. Highways England is investing in trucks which will help to catch the drivers that break the regulations.

Three new trucks will soon be driving on the British highways and main roads as a part of the initiative aiming at the fight with dangerous behaviour of drivers. After the success of the pilot, as a part of which an unmarked semi-trailer truck was patrolling the roads of the United Kingdom, Highways England, the government agency responsible for the supervision and maintenance of the local highways, decided to invest in another three vehicles of this type. 

The effects of the control from the truck

Over two years the British officers using the truck punished nearly 4 200 drivers for the offences in the total number of 5039. Almost two-thirds of the culprits were using a mobile phone while driving.

As pointed out by Richard Leonard of Highways England, the use of mobiles behind the wheel causes on average two fatal accidents on the British roads every month. The services, however, are not wasting time.

Last year the authorities punished for that offence by 100% more drivers than in 2016. Let us remind you that the British increased the penalties for using a mobile while driving from 100 pounds and 3 penalty points to 200 pounds and 6 penalty points.

Highways England has not specified yet the exact date when the semi-trailer trucks start the patrols on the British roads. We will keep you informed.




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