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Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Georgia has banned all drivers from entering its territory. The border can only be crossed in certain cases. Latvia has introduced an obligation to provide the customs officers with a written undertaking in which drivers promise they do not visit public places.

No entry into Georgia for truck drivers 

Georgia’s Ministry of Finance has announced that drivers trying to cross the country’s border must unconditionally go into quarantine or go to a medical facility for tests. The vehicle must be taken over by another driver.

– If a driver trying to enter Georgia refuses to transfer a vehicle with a load to another driver, a decision may be made to reload the goods to another vehicle – commented the spokesman of the ministry.

In the event of transit, the truck will be accompanied by a police car. It was also reported that all vehicles entering Georgia are subject to disinfection.

Special statement when entering Latvia

The Latvian Ministry of Transport announced that entry to the country can only take place after completing the declarations and providing them to officers of the Customs Service.

The requirement applies to Latvian citizens and foreign drivers passing through Latvia in transit. The form is an obligation not to visit public places, but it does not apply to parking lots and petrol stations.

The form is available in


Russian ,

English .

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