One German state revokes truck ban relaxations, two others extend them

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One German state revokes truck ban relaxations, two others extend them

Brandenburg is a region which, at the height of the pandemic, introduced the relaxation of traffic bans for the longest period, i.e. until 30 September. However, the local government decided to shorten this period. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, on the other hand, extended the measure introduced during the coronavirus crisis. Hamburg also extended the suspension until the end of the holiday.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has decided to extend the relaxation of the truck bans introduced during the pandemic by another month. It was to expire on 30 June, but the government there decided to apply it until 31 August. Also, Hamburg, where the relaxation of the bans expired on 24 June, extended it to 31 August.

Another German state, on the other hand, made a completely different decision on this issue.

The supply bottlenecks that arose during the coronavirus pandemic have decreased significantly,” said Guido Beermann, Brandenburg’s transport minister.

Although at the end of March the government of the state introduced a relaxation of the truck bans until 30 September this year, at the end of June it decided to significantly shorten this period.

Therefore, since last weekend the holiday and Sunday truck bans have been reinstated in the region. Nor did the federal state comply with the recommendation of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and did not suspend the summer traffic restrictions. 

As a reminder, according to current information provided by the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG), 8 federal states have relaxed their summer traffic bans until August 31. They do not apply this summer in:

– Baden-Württemberg,

– Lower Saxony,

– Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,

– Rhineland-Palatinate (here the bans are exceptionally suspended until 29 August),

– North Rhine-Westphalia,

– Saxony-Anhalt,

– Schleswig-Holstein,

– Thuringia.

You can find a list of summer bans in other EU countries in our previous article on this subject.

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