Operation Brock is over – traffic repossesses the main road to Dover and the Eurotunnel

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Operation Brock is over and done with – literally. The dismantling of the £30million no-deal Brexit scheme was completed last night on M20, the main road leading to Dover, England’s busiest port to the continent.

Operation Brock was a traffic management scheme of the British government that aimed to ease the difficulties occurring after a no-deal Brexit. It was first activated in March 2019. Since then, the anti-congestion system has been deactivated two times, but this is the first time when all the barriers were removed. During the active days of the operation, lorries heading for mainland Europe were routed down the coastbound carriageway with a 30mph speed limit in place. All other traffic was directed onto the London-bound carriageway, with two lanes in each direction operating at 50mph. Drivers needed to follow the different layout on the M20 from just north of Junction 8 (for Leeds) to Junction 9 (Ashford).

Normal traffic flow can only return on Saturday, 1 February.

Photo © Copyright Ian S/ Creative Commons Licence.