PackMyRide, the first fully automated parcel loading

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PackMyRide, the first fully automated parcel loading

DPD tests the world’s first fully automated parcel loading system. This new solution will not only relieve the burden on drivers,but also automate the loading process of the vehicle.

The PackMyRide system was developed by Dematic, an integrated automatic supply chain technology company. The new solution is being tested in a pilot project at the DPD distribution centre in Nagold (South Germany).

Fully automated process

PackMyRide first picks up the parcels from the existing sorting system and transports them via belt conveyors to the scanning unit, where volume, weight and barcode data are checked. Later, if necessary, the parcels can be redirected to the manual work area or are loaded into mobile racks via a rack feeder device. The racks are designed in a way that Dematic’s Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) can fully automatically transport them into the delivery vehicle. This will eliminate physical work for delivery drivers, and add value by significantly reducing the time required for loading the vehicles.

With Dematic, we are revolutionizing parcel loading at the last mile, introducing the world’s first automated solution in this field,” explains Daniel Jarr, Project Manager at Dematic PackMyRide.

Thanks to the automated system, several deliveries are loaded at the same time, which significantly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of parcel handling.

Although our conveyor systems are already highly automated, last mile parcel loading is still a completely manual process,” explains Thomas Steverding, Senior Group Manager Process & Development at DPD’s German branch.

By partnering with Dematic, DPD wants to see to what extent the new system will meet the requirements of courier services and where there is still development potential.

Automation of vehicle loading may in the future be the answer to the increasingly pressing problem of labour shortages across the industry,” adds Steverding.

Photo: DPD

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