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A truck owner has reacted to petty social media complaints over the parking of one of his HGVs by providing a brutal, uncensored reply condemning the lack of respect for drivers amid the pandemic.

For those unfamiliar with the story, the ‘scandal’ dates back to March 12th, when a courier driver of all people complained about a HGV parked in front of a street with a width restriction in Rush Green, East London.

The person making the complaint said the HGV driver’s parking meant that emergency service vehicles would be unable to get through.

Although this may be a valid point, and some lorry drivers have agreed with this assessment, the way in which a witch hunt ensued against the driver certainly leaves a bad taste in the mouth. One Facebook user suggested letting the trucker’s tyres down, while another proposed sticking potatoes in the truck’s exhaust.

Admittedly, a number of group members also suggested that there may be legitimate reasons the driver had parked there. Moreover, others pointed out the hard work that drivers put in on a daily basis, especially amid the pandemic.

However, the manner in which so many Facebook users wanted the driver severely punished raises concerns regarding the amount of respect for truckers in the UK.


When the same truck was photographed in the area again yesterday, the Rush Green Residents Association Facebook Page went into overdrive.

One of those seen openly criticising the trucker was Labour councillor Princess Bright, who yesterday described the HGV driver’s parking as “VERY selfish” and “diabolical”.

The councillor even sent an email urging council enforcement to respond to what she labelled an “urgent issue”. Councillor Bright had uploaded a screenshot of the email to Facebook, but has since deleted the image.

Commenting on the debacle this morning, popular truck vlogger ‘Luke C in a HGV’ said the comments on Rush Green Residents Association Facebook Page suggested there is no respect for drivers. His post attracted a flurry of comments echoing the same sentiments.

So, No respect for drivers it seems. This poor bloke has visited home for a reason, someone taken a photo of the truck parked up (which as far as I can see is pretty safe) Bunch of nosey good for nothing people then tag their local politicians and try to get the driver a fine from the commissioner. Anatoly no respect for drivers. – Luke C in a HGV

As mid-morning approached, the affair then took a twist when the owner of the truck was admitted to the group after contacting Councillor Bright. A group admin then confirmed the truck owner had been added, commenting, “let’s hear him out”.

Presumably to the shock of the group administrator, the aforementioned truck owner then unleashed an uncompromising tirade full of expletives. The rant defended the lorry driver, who it is said was parking outside his home while resting, and went on to slate members of the group for not respecting truckers.

The post, which is part of a thread that has now been deleted, read as follows:

Morning, I hope you are all well? I hope you realise that the petty comments you are typing are from phones/computers/tablets that came from China or a different country that came…. yes by a wagon, same as the furniture in your house, tv, even your kitchen, as nothing is manufactured in Britain no more. Neither is it farmed, so I hope you can find an alternative way of living and feeding, clothing yourself since you’re all up your own a***s and won’t allow a trucker to stop off outside his house for a rest.

Just last year and this year so far, they’ve been key workers when it suits, but scum when it don’t suit. Have a little respect for the trucking industry and see that what they do is keep the country moving, without them we’d all be screwed.

Some comments on here are absolutely ridiculous, it makes the area look a dump. The area is a dump anyway being in Dagenham of all places. If an ambulance or fire engine can’t get down the side of the truck then that driver should hand his/her licence back in as there is ample space. Stop being so nosey and looking out your curtains every time something happens, take the silver spoon and insert where the sun don’t shine, the poor person is just doing a job to make sure people are fed, clothed and have a device to post utter sh*te like this.

As for the op, stop w**king over such a pristine truck, jealousy is a bitter trait, the ‘councillor’ isn’t very bright nor a princess, clearly don’t know much about rules, considering the truck is parked sensibly for the night and not harming anything other than the ‚pretty’ estate. Your houses are eyesores, last time I checked, there wasn’t a width restriction, what that is… is a traffic calming measure, again your councillor should know this.

Yes, we’ve all been poking fun at you on our page and saying how ridiculous and petty you all look. There’s something called a door, knock on it and ask the trucker why he’s parked there? Or is the trucker so below you that he don’t belong on a posh’ estate? I dare ask how many have had the vaccine?

Ah none, because you don’t have anything transported by a wagon. Get a grip, get on with your own lives and let the trucker do his job and have a sh*g they’ve been gagging for. Don’t be w**king anymore over a truck parking outside. Also I’ve had word that the trucker is coming back with a refrigeration unit to keep you all up at night because you’ve upset the trucker.

For now i’ll say ciao, please do provide feedback. I’ll be sure to check regularly to see if you’re salty about me being in a group where I don’t belong. For the op, mind your f****ing business and get on with your sad, pathetic life. Up the truckers, mad respect for them, not for some cretin sat behind a screen.

Naturally, the truck owner’s answer won’t score top marks for diplomacy. Having said that, given the nature of the comments in the group, an emotional response is arguably understandable.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Please let us know in the comments.


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