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The Polish police have revealed how they used a drone to catch lorry drivers making illegal overtakes. Officers have since said they intend to continue using the drone to monitor compliance with the rules of the road.

To illustrate how the drone can be used, the traffic police in Bydgoszcz recently released a video showing a HGV driver making an illegal overtake on another truck just before a pedestrian crossing. The incident happened on the DK 10 road, which links Warsaw with Szczecin.

As can be seen in the video, a lorry driver is seen overtaking another truck just before a pedestrian crossing. The traffic police in Bydgoszcz described the maneuver as “very dangerous for pedestrians”.

In total, the drone operation found 4 drivers guilty of the above mistake. According to Polish law, the infringement entails a fine of 200zł (€43.6) and 10 penalty points. One of the drivers who was caught was also wanted by the court in connection with an unpaid fine for previous offenses.

The traffic police in Bydgoszcz have said that they intend to conduct more operations of a similar nature in the future.

Photo credit: KWPBydgoszcz


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