Polish transport union files a complaint against a breach of EU law by Denmark

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The Danes decided to make life difficult not only for transport companies but above all for drivers by introducing from July 1, 2018, an absurd ban on parking the vehicles in the parking lots for over 25h. Polish Transport and Logistics Union (TLP) filed a complaint against a breach of EU law.

The regulations limit the possibility of parking trucks in parking lots located within the national network of roads and highways. The maximum permissible waiting time will be 25 hours. From 2019, additional, higher fees will be charged for parking above the designated limit (increase in fees from 550 to 2000 DDK). In addition, it is also planned to raise penalties for non-compliant parking on entry and exit roads from parking lots.

What should the driver do?

The question arises – how do drivers get the correct weekend rest in Denmark? What should the driver do when the loading or unloading is delayed or when the hotel where he stops to pick up the rest does not have adequate parking facilities?

This prohibition will be most severe for drivers from peripheral countries. In practice, due to the geographical location of the employers’ offices, they will not be able to provide international transport services if the accommodation will turn out to be in Denmark.

The Danish law breaks EU law

TLP has filed an official complaint with the European Commission on Danish regulations which are considered to hinder the possibility of carrying out services within the Community. Regulations adopted by the Danish people also violate other provisions of EU law and directly hit drivers who are obliged to receive rest at certain times.

Photo: TransINFO