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Portsmouth Port plan includes more space for HGVs and unaccompanied freight

Portsmouth International Port has unveiled its £92m “masterplan", according to which the port will expand its land to cater for the increase in unaccompanied freight, accommodate a new Border Control Post, and upgrade facilities at the international cargo terminal Portico. Facilities for drivers such as showers, toilets, a canteen will also be built on the new site.

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Mike Sellers, director of the Portsmouth Port, unveiled the port’s £92m “masterplan” yesterday. According to Sellers, the plan will generate around £739 million for the national economy by 2032 and create more than 10,000 jobs.

There will be a phased approach to projects, with the terminal construction starting in spring and running alongside green projects including achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 and shore power for all vessels.

Regarding road freight transport, plans have been drawn up for the creation of additional unaccompanied trailer storage capacity through the generation of more space both adjacent to the port and through external truck parking and pre-gate facilities further outside of the port, reads the document.

Automated freight gates are also supposed to be installed to increase efficiency and reduction of emissions from trucks.

To be able to further develop, the port needs 4.5 hectares of land by 2025 and a further 3.4 hectares of land by 2030, therefore the port is in advanced discussions with local landowners. The development of the site would provide storage for unaccompanied freight, pre-gate booking and holding of driver accompanied freight to avoid congestion on the M275.

Facilities for the drivers will also be built including good quality shower, toilet and a canteen, explains the document.

“We have a new relationship with EU, so that means adapting to shifts in freight operations and supporting our customers Brittany Ferries and Condor Ferries,” added Sellers.