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You can now place orders for the Nikola Badger, although only a few months have passed since the presentation of the vehicle concept. The premiere of the pick-up called „Badger” will happen this year.

Nikola Motors, unlike Tesla who is regularly delaying vehicle presentation and starting production, seems to keep its promises. After presenting the Badger pick-up concept in February this year, the manufacturer began pre-selling it and announcing its premiere at the Nikola World event between 3 and 5 December.

Preorders received before 15 November will also be entered to win a Badger, receive a match of the customer’s deposit, up to $5,000 off the final purchase price of the vehicle, and be invited to the Badger debut at Nikola World.

Advanced powertrains and infotainment systems

The features include over-the-air updates, keyless entry, independent torque control of every wheel, 906 HP, 980 ft. lbs. of torque, 15 kilowatt power export with 220V and 110V, tie-down tracks inside the truck for cargo, hidden refrigerator, up to 600 miles of range, and waterproof displays. The company offers the vehicle in both fuel-cell and battery-electric options.

Mass production will start in 2022.

Image: Nikola Motors


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