Romanian courier company SAMEDAY expands regional delivery network - photo credits @ SAMEDAY

Romanian courier company SAMEDAY expands regional delivery network

Romanian courier company SAMEDAY is expanding its out-of-home delivery network by 70% to 8,500 points across 1,000 cities in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria by November 2024.

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SAMEDAY, a Romanian courier company with operations in Hungary and Bulgaria, has announced the expansion of its out-of-home delivery network across the region. The company plans to add 3,500 new delivery points, including automated lockers and shop-in-shop locations, by November 2024. This 70% increase will bring the total number of delivery points to 8,500, covering more than 1,000 cities in Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria.

The company says the expansion aims to improve customer convenience by ensuring most residents are within a seven-minute walk of a delivery or pick-up location. The company also plans to increase storage capacity at popular easybox locker locations.

SAMEDAY will invest approximately 150 million lei (around €31 million) this year to support the network expansion. This is part of a larger planned investment of over 300 million lei (around €62 million) for 2024, which will also go towards technological developments and optimising delivery speed.

The expansion comes amid a surge in cross-border deliveries for SAMEDAY. The company reports a 115% year-on-year increase in online shops using its cross-border shipping services between Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria. SAMEDAY says this reflects the growing popularity of online shopping and cross-border commerce in the region.

The courier’s expansion efforts aim to create a “single, borderless delivery area” across Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria. This would allow online stores in these countries to reach a wider customer base without needing to store inventory locally.

The company also offers a “First Mile to easybox” service, allowing retailers to directly load parcels into easybox lockers at any time, reducing delivery costs.