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A number of truck drivers from Romania kept themselves busy during their regular weekly rest. They decided to take advantage of the waiting time at the border and… they cleaned up the roadside.

Several truck drivers from Suceava in north-eastern Romania who were carrying out oversized transport were taking a 45-hour break at the Romanian-Bulgarian border. While resting at the crossing in Vama Veche they decided to clean the roadside. They collected several bags of rubbish and a picture of the effect of their efforts was posted by Romanian trucker groups in social media. 

It is seemingly a small gesture, yet so necessary, not only for the environment and the surroundings but also for the image of truck drivers.

Clean-up campaign in the UK

A similar attitude was demonstrated over a year ago by British trucker Martin Burrows, who, having parked his vehicle in a bay on one of the motorways, left his cabin and started to collect waste. This one-off gesture inspired a nationwide road clean-up action by hundreds of truck drivers. As part of the initiative, a group called Truckers Cleaning Up Britain was set up on Facebook, in which drivers still regularly publish photos showing the effects of their cleaning up. 

Image: Facebook/ Truckers Celaning Up Britain

Cover image: Sofer de TIR/Facebook


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