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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has joined the group of several dozen countries in which the TIR procedure can be used to transport goods.

Saudi Arabia ratified the TIR Convention on 23 January. The TIR guarantee level was set at 100,000 euros. The Saudis hope that this step will strengthen the strategic position of their country as a regional logistics hub for trade and transit.

Thanks to the implementation of the TIR, Saudi Arabia has joined the globally binding system of customs transit and guarantee with 76 member countries around the world. The country is also becoming an important communication hub for three continents – Europe, Africa and Asia.

According to Umberto de Pretto, Secretary-General of the International Transport Union (IRU), thanks to the implementation of the TIR, Saudi Arabia will be part of the global customs transit system. By increasing efficiency and reducing costs, the Kingdom will significantly improve international trade and prosperity.

The authorized association in Saudi Arabia is Saudi Automobile & Touring Association (SATA). Formalities related to the TIR procedure will be available at nine customs offices: Jeddah Islamic Port, Al Raqa’i Port, King Abdulaziz Port, Al Batha Port, Riyadh Dry Port, Halat Ammar Port, Al Hadithah Port, Duba Port, Al Khafji Port.

Photo: Pixabay/SofiLayla Pixabay License


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