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Scania has introduced several new features to its trucks based on internet connectivity and electronics. The manufacturer has improved cargo management and introduced a remote anti-theft alarm that activates when fuel levels suddenly drop. It is intended to prevent the theft of fuel, which has, unfortunately, become common practice in European parking lots. 

The theft of fuel from trucks is a serious problem for many carriers. This means not only losing the money spent on fuel but also valuable time on refuelling before hitting the road. 

According to Alexander Vlaskamp, head of Scania Trucks, “keeping trucks fit for operation day in and day out is one of the most important factors in our industry today.”

By introducing smart, connected services such as a fuel theft alarm, we offer our customers increased control and better odds that their trucks will be available as intended,” said Vlaskamp.

The alarm is available to Scania’s Control Package holders. It is activated by the Fleet Management system. When activated, the alarm system monitors fuel levels for approximately 65 hours, provided that the truck’s main battery switch is activated. If the level of fuel suddenly drops between 4 and 8% (depending on the size of the tank), an alarm is activated.

If someone tampers with your vehicle, you are alerted and the consequences of having fuel stolen can be avoided or at least mitigated. This offers peace of mind for our customers since unplanned downtime can be avoided,” adds Vlaskamp. 

Photo: Viby J, Denmark/ Wikimedia Commons


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