Scania unveils new series of extended cabins with 27cm extra length

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Scania has unveiled a small series of extended cabins in its range, a move it says it has made amid “the continuing need for enlarged cabins in some markets.”

Scania refers to the revised models as having a “dream cabin” for long-distance drivers who spend many days away from home. As a result of the cabin being extended, there is enough room for a 100cm wide bed (fixed, not foldable).

Although the extra 27cm in length may not seem very much, Scania vice president Stefan Dorski says the extra 13% of space allows for a number of things:

Long-distance drivers are always looking for premium comfort, of course, and will benefit the most. We will see how they use more space. They may want more freedom, a bigger couch, or maybe both. Other users will probably include driving schools, the military and roadside assistance. The latter will be able to transport passengers of the damaged vehicle in the enlarged cabin.

Deliveries of new cabins are scheduled for the third quarter of this year. The manufacturer must first be granted Full Truck Vehicle Type Approval for the cabs.

The announcement comes less than a week after DAF revealed its new cab designs, which are larger than ever before.

Photo credit: Scania