The new DAF has the largest cabin in Europe – here’s what you’ll find inside

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The new DAF has the largest cabin in Europe – here’s what you’ll find inside

As DAF Trucks proudly states, the new XG+ cabin is the biggest cabin allowed in Europe, so some drivers will naturally be curious about what this extra space can do for their driving experience. Below you’ll find an overview of the various features the new truck models have.

With a volume of 12.5 m3, the DAF XG+ has 14% more volume than the current DAF XF Super Space Cab.

The new cab creates unprecedented adjustment ranges for the seats and steering column and both driver and co-driver seats can be rotated to a relaxing position” – DAF says.

Well, let’s see how the company used that extra space!

On Wednesday, DAF published a video of the truck and chose a international truck driver named Hannah to show off the interior of the cab.

In the clip, Hannah first takes to the driver’s seat to showcase the different adjustments it offers. Similarly, the steering wheel can be adjusted from a practically horizontal position to a vertical one.

Hannah then slides out DAF’s “famous” retractable table, which is said to be bigger than ever before.

Overhead lockers also provide space for the driver’s belongings, and underneath the dashboard, there is is an open compartment with cup holders and a drawer.

Talking of cups, one might think about food and drink as well. The demonstration shows that the truck’s refrigerator can accommodate two 1.5 litre bottles that stand comfortably upright. Eagle-eyed social media users spotted that the bottle in the video does look like it might be vodka one. However, DAF assures us that the bottle is in fact full of Chaudfontaine water.

Moving on, when it comes to the beds in the new Generation trucks, all bunks have a length of 222 cm. In the presented XG and XG+, the bed is always 80 centimetres wide with a separate topper.

The headrest is adjustable too – like beds in a hospital, or, dare we say it, the dentist.

For improved comfort, there is a new rear wall panel fitted at the bed from which drivers can operate the sound system, air conditioning, windows and roof hatch.

The rear panel also has a surveillance mode, so drivers can see what’s happening around the truck from within the cabin.

Photo credits: DAF /YouTube

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