See how to streamline the storage and distribution of electrical equipment and steel profiles. Logistics 4.0 in practice.

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See how to streamline the storage and distribution of electrical equipment and steel profiles. Logistics 4.0 in practice.

Retech specializes in stainless steel processing and production of electrical equipment. Spec Kable is a distributor of cables, wires and all kinds of electrical accessories. In both companies, a similar solution was chosen to optimize logistics. Similar, but not the same.

At Retech, problems arose when a high-performance laser cutting machine for pipes and profiles was introduced. It turned out to be difficult to supply the machine smoothly and to ensure the supply of materials of appropriate quality and quantity for laser processing. It even happened that problems in logistics resulted in a lack of continuity of the production process. For this reason, it was decided to opt for automation solutions for the storage and delivery of pipes and profiles.

Stacker crane provided automatic transport

The automatic stacker crane system allows the storage of pipes, rods and profiles up to 6 m long. The installation consists of a load-bearing structure with two rows of racks with four columns, a mobile loading station operating outside the hall and two unloading stations cooperating with cranes and laser pipe cutters inside the hall.

The whole system operates in automatic mode, i.e. after the operator issues a command on the control panel, the required goods are transported to one of the unloading stations. It takes less than 2 minutes.

The IT system allows for full control of warehouse stocks, minimum stocks, location management, execution of orders (picking, collection, returns, loading), management and differentiation of operators based on the use of logins and passwords. It also includes an extensive service and diagnostics module that provides control over the technical aspects of the warehouse operation, allowing you to work without downtime and failure.

The warehouse holds loads with a total weight of up to 119 t, with the possibility of storing several hundred assortments of stainless steel pipes and profiles. The goods are loaded into the warehouse thanks to a mobile station leaving the hall through an automatic door (without the need to bring pipe and profile packages into the hall with a forklift truck). Transport of materials to laser cutting machines for pipes takes place in automatic mode inside the hall. The whole system is 8 m high, the length of each of the 68 shelves is 6.2 m, at a width of 450 mm and a height of 600 mm. The shelf load capacity is 1750 kg.

Automatic system increased the number of stock retrievals

Also the Modula automatic system, but in a much smaller version, was used in Spec Kable. The total load capacity is 8.25 t. The warehouse measures 6.1 m, each of the 33 shelves is 3.1 m long, with a width of 857 mm (shelf load capacity is 250 kg).

The LIFT MX25D increased the number of retrievals per operator from 60 to 200 per hour, without having to move from place to place. The rack was delivered with two access windows – at the front, there is a loading window, at the unloading side there is a window with a double transport system. This reduces the time it takes to replace the shelves in the window and allows for the transport of up to 120 shelves per hour. Possible errors are reduced to a minimum by using the Put to Light system, thanks to which the displays indicate to the operator the quantity, retrieval point and storage place of a specific article. The automatic rack is controlled by dedicated WMS software, using a control panel with a colour touch screen.

Modula is the storage solution for all industrial products, components, spare parts and tools in virtually any industry. These are vertical warehouses, equipped with physical and photo-optical barriers to ensure 100% safe operator workstations.

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