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57 trucks transported a makeshift hospital from Padua to Naples over a distance of almost 700 km. The residents of the capital city of Campania welcomed the convoy with applause and shouts of joy. 

On Monday evening, the balconies of the buildings in Ponticelia on the eastern outskirts of Naples were full of applause and cheers for a convoy of 57 trucks. Covering the distance of almost 700 km, the vehicles brought from Padua prefabricated modules out of which a makeshift hospital for treatment of coronavirus patients can be quickly erected.

The first beds will be available as early as April 15th, according to the Italian portal The convoy brought two modules, which will provide a total of 48 beds for patients requiring intensive medical treatment. The next module with 24 additional beds will be brought to Naples by 30 trucks on April 20th. 

A remarkable effort and further proof of the high efficiency of the Campania region at the front line to win the war against the epidemic,” wrote the head of the region Vincenzo De Luca, publishing a recording of  the convoy of 57 trucks. It took less than two weeks to prepare the transport, De Luca added.


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