Intensive truck checks in Germany see 101 drivers pulled over; one fined €30,000

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German traffic authorities, including the motorway police and officials from the Federal Road Transport Authority (BAG), carried out an inspection on the A44 motorway last week. They detected 83 infringements and one driver had to pay a deposit towards the fine of €30,000. 

On the A44 motorway towards Kassel under the town of Soest in North Rhine-Westphalia, the German services carried out a short but intensive truck inspection on Tuesday. In the course of the action, which lasted some 7 hours, they checked a total of 101 vehicles and found as many as 83 infringements, reports the local information portal

Of the drivers checked in the Soester Börde parking lot, the undoubted record holder was a Slovenian driver. In his 40-tonne vehicle, the services detected a tachograph manipulation.

The manipulated device made it possible not to record actual working time and thus to violate the regulations governing freight transport. This is a dangerous pursuit of profit, because fatigue is a cause of serious accidents. In addition, manipulation of control devices may affect the operation of assistance systems in on-board electronics,” Peter Bandermann from the motorway police commented in the Oester Zeitung.

The services have ordered the driver to pay a security deposit towards a fine of up to €30,000 in connection with the manipulation device found in the tachograph. The police have immobilised the vehicle until the full amount is paid.

Photo credit @ Polizei Mittelfranken