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For the V4 countries (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary), the Slovak government will reduce toll rates and announce a new tender for the operator and the terms of the toll system, the Slovak Freight Transport Union (UNAS) announced on Monday night. The protest was thus ceased everywhere, and the carriers opened the border crossings.

The carriers strike in Slovakia organized by the aforementioned UNAS lasted for seven days. Protesters demanded the Slovak government to reduce road tolls by 50 percent and to suspend the operation of the toll system until a new operator was appointed. As a result of talks with Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini, road toll rates should be reduced for the V4 countries (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary). However, the tolling system has not been suspended, but UNAS representatives have been invited to oversee negotiations on the terms of the new framework contract from 2022 onwards. Slovakian hauliers have also succeeded in getting domestic hauliers a discount of at least 15 percent after the first km.

UNAS has not been wholly impressed with the results. However, the strike has now been suspended until the parliamentary session beginning on 21 January. If the government does not deliver on its promises, the protest may start again.

Photo: Štrajk autodopravcov – Únia autodopravcov Slovenska / Facebook


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