Spain: Temporary relaxation of drivers’ hours and working time rules

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Spain: Temporary relaxation of drivers’ hours and working time rules

Due to the crisis caused by coronavirus, the Spanish government decided to temporarily suspend the rules of drivers’ hours and working time in road transport.

Today, in the Spanish Law Gazette (El Boletín Oficial del Estado), the General Directorate of Road Traffic (DGT) resolution of 13 March 2020 was published, which temporarily exempts drivers from complying with statutory periods of work and rest.

The exceptions shall apply to freight operations that have passed wholly or partially through risk areas or significant community transmission areas within Spanish territory:

– the autonomous communities of Madrid and La Rioja, the municipalities of Labastida-Bastida and Vitoria-Gasteiz (Basque Country) and Miranda de Ebro (Castilla y León),

– Italy (the whole country),

– France: departments of Haut-Rhin (Grand Est) and l’Oise (Hauts-de-France),

– Germany: city of Heinsberg (North Rhine-Westphalia),

– China (all provinces, including Hong Kong and Macao),

– South Korea,

– Japan (island of Hokkaido),

– Singapore

– Iran.

The abolition of the obligation to comply with the provisions governing driving and resting times will enable the normal operation of road freight transport. Thanks to this, products will arrive on time and will facilitate the work of drivers while reducing the risk to their health, „comments the decision of the authorities of the Spanish road transport association CETM.

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