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In May this year, the Spanish legislation introducing the obligation to register a working day came into force. It also covers workers in the transport sector. As the Labour Inspectorate explained at the beginning of July, a reading from the tachograph is sufficient for drivers.

On 12 May this year, the obligation to register the working day of employees in all sectors, including transport, came into force. Therefore, employers must record the exact start and end of the working day and keep the records for 4 years.

The new rules are intended to prevent workers from being forced to work extra hours without pay. Employers are fined between €626 and €6,250 for non-compliance with the new regulations.

We have not been able to establish whether foreign workers and employers are also covered by the new regulations. Neither the Spanish Ministry of Labour nor the Ministry of Transport and Labour Inspection could answer this question.

Tachograph data is sufficient

Although it is not certain whether the regulations also apply to foreign carriers and drivers, both of them can sleep peacefully. No additional documents will be required in the event of a check. A tachograph reading, which is a driver’s working day record, is sufficient, explained the Spanish Labour Inspectorate in a press release.

Photo: Wikimedia/Jorge Franganillo CC SA 2.0


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