Spanish transport association calls for ban on drivers loading and unloading

The Spanish Confederation of Freight Transport (La Confederación Española de Transporte de Mercancías  - CETM), is pushing the government and the autonomous communities to address the driver shortage by investing in driver training and prohibiting loading and unloading for drivers.

Spanish transport association calls for ban on drivers loading and unloading

CETM refers to the conclusion of a survey by the International Transport Organization (IRU) that says the lack of training is one of the main causes of the driver shortage. The federation, therefore, thinks it is necessary to invest in driver training as financing courses fully or partly would make the profession more accessible.

The autonomous territory of Castilla y León has already launched a pilot project to promote employability in the sector, paying up to 75% of the cost of obtaining C and C + E permits.

“This model could be an example to follow in the rest of the territories in Spain as it would undoubtedly help to attract young people and those who are interested in the profession, but find it difficult to cope with the expenses involved” – stresses CETM.

The federation draws attention to another aspect of the profession that should be changed; the question of loading and unloading. CETM thinks that prohibiting drivers to take part in loading would also help with decreasing driver shortage.

It is urgent for both the central government and the regional governments to seek solutions for the transport of goods by road, since the sector is vital for the supply of the population and the functioning of the economy. If the driver shortage continues to grow, the consequences could be devastating.'

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