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In Köniz, in the canton of Bern, a speed camera caught a duck that clearly exceeded the speed limit.

In the small town of Köniz, in a restricted-speed zone of up to 30 km/h, the device captured a duck that flew faster than the speed indicated on the sign. The „sprinter bird” exceeded the speed limit by 22 km/h.


A recidivist duck?

After a few days, the situation repeated itself – the speed camera data showed a similar speed at that time. It is not known, however, whether it was the same duck who committed the next offense or a different one. Why was the animal in such a hurry, it is not known – the daily Berner Zeitung irons. Undoubtedly, the event has become a local sensation.

Fortunately for mallards, the consequences will not be drawn from the violation of the speeding ban. In the case of people, the Swiss services are not so indulgent. For exceeding the permitted speed by more than 20 km/h the driver can have his license withdrawn for one month and get a fine of 250 Swiss francs.



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