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Kamaz presented its Arktika vehicle for the first time in 2017. Back then the model was equipped with a third-generation cabin and an old Kamaz engine. But last year, the manufacturer showed the second truck from the family of off-road vehicles, designed to work in the harsh conditions of the far north. This one’s a real wonder.

The story of this Kamaz model began six years ago. In 2014, the Russian government prepared a programme for the social and economic development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation until 2020. The most advanced technologies available have been used to achieve the objectives of the project, i.e. comprehensive development of the region and scientific progress. It is in these circumstances that the demand for vehicles has emerged which, under harsh Arctic conditions, could help researchers and raw material prospectors to reach inaccessible areas.

Kamaz Arktika – 40 tonnes and 450 hp

Kamaz Arktika is out of the ordinary due to the articulated frame – the truck turns not thanks to the wheels, but thanks to this feature. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with dedicated wide wheels that allow the driver to drive in difficult, extremely demanding climatic conditions and on unstable ground such as swampy terrain, tundra, snow and mud.

Arktika is available in two tyre widths: over 1000 mm (Oversize) and 700 mm (Base Width). The first is designed to work on low load-bearing soil with limited cohesiveness. The second ensures that the vehicle is compliant with road traffic regulations and can drive on public roads without any problems. The vehicle reaches a maximum speed of 55 km/h.

The new 4-axle model, in an 8×8 drive system, has received a 6-cylinder R6 drive unit 12 l and 450 hp, an automatic transmission and a cab from the latest generation K5 series vehicles. According to the specification, Arktika can operate at temperatures below -60 degrees Celsius. The unladen weight of the vehicle is 25 t, the lifting capacity is 15 t and the total weight is 40 t.


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